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LiveTech is a one stop shop for IT services, Third party Testing services, Recruitment and Training services. LiveTech concentrates on its vision of building up strong customer and business partnerships. To this end, LiveTech offers an unmatched flexibility with its custom built solutions. LiveTech's service method is comprehensive in maximizing efficiency. Most importantly, our methodology is practical and designed according to our clients' needs and requirements. LiveTech is formed with the aim to serve Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs); especially small companies who do not have the flexibility to maintain a dedicated QA and Testing team. With this idea, our services and process framework is institutionalized to build specialized and dedicated teams keeping the costs low and meeting demands for high quality and predictable outcomes. LiveTech has specific boutique of services to the challenging and growing needs of SMEs who need to scale but at a budgeted cost. LiveTech understands these aspirations of the SMEs and has tailor made services to meet these needs that are generally affordable by large companies. Our goal is to serve the largest number of satisfied clients. LiveTech provides simplistic testing services to SMEs.
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